lora + tommy

What a day! Most photographers would consider this day difficult with the heat, a camera breaking and a long drive but this day was one of our favorites this year. We LOVE Lora and Tommy and had such a great time photographing such dear friends. The day could not have been more beautiful with each wedding detail and such an awesome wedding party. We really had a great time reconnecting with old friends and seeing Lora and Tommy tie the knot. There were so many awesome photos from the day but these are just a few that tell the story of their day.

Though some of you may think the big event this day was Lora and Tommy’s declaration of their undying love but really it was the day I convinced Jim to get chickens! He fell in love with the farm where the wedding was located and finally gave in to starting our own. We are in the beginning process of growing the tiny Towson farm so if you would like to follow our adventures in raising chickens and beekeeping you can over on hellotherehome.com.

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  1. Seems like an amazing wedding! Great job capturing it!

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