Merry Christmas!

So it is two weeks late but Merry Christmas! We had a fabulous Christmas and every day felt more and more blessed by our friends and family. This year especially I loved to considering how our Christmas list always says something about ourselves. The gifts Jim and I got each other could not have better described our differences. Due to the irony of our gifts we felt the need to take a picture that we felt could depict this.

I was so blessed by my wonderful husband getting me what I call “the mercedes of yoga mats” and I surprised Jim with a long board. Needless to say our idea of playing with our gifts on Christmas day were very different.

Another one of our favorite gifts this year was a Fuji Instax. Here are our Christmas photos from the new camera.

Hope everyone else had as happy of a holiday as we did!

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  1. Miss you guys! Like, for real, miss you guys.

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